Its Time-Fake or Plant Chocolate?

Chocolate is an incredible source of powerful compounds that have a number of potential health and performance benefits, including:   Increased blood flow to the brain. Reduced signs of brain aging. (R) Reduced oxidative stress. (R) Improved skin appearance. (R) Better cognitive function. (R, R) Enhanced athletic endurance. (R) Increased protective HDL. (R) Better metabolic health […]

The AS method

Healing the heart using the accidental shift method……. Actually the real heart, the energetic heart, cannot be healed, because it cannot be hurt. It is always undisturbed and peaceful.So there. When I refer to a ‘broken heart’, I am talking about a physical sensation in the body which is caused by certain thoughts – for […]

Gorilla’s simply dont eat meat…Period.

  🌱 “A vegan diet is unhealthy, humans NEED meat to survive.” – heard this complete nonsense before? People who say this usually simply just don’t know any better. But let’s set the record straight once and for all – you can get every single nutrient you need from a plant-based diet (including plenty of […]