How is it that 12 Year olds are making $100-500 pocket money and supporting charities like “Make A Wish” doing what the schools wont tell you…

Let’s face it – we have all heard it all before!

The get rich schemes. The Amway pitches and all the other easy make money schemes. I find these pitches tiresome and irritating which is why so few people possibly get to see how to play wealth outside a single client job. The amazing thing is that there are real people who I personally know across the world, making money part-time from home and having a blast doing it from anywhere in the world.

Employers and the bureaucrats fear it as they fear change and transformation which is possibly why education has changed since 1950.

However it’s happening for people as young as age 10 who are doing it for pocket money. Beats delivering newspapers as I did for less than 10 bucks a week me thinks!

The Wealth Centre is now showing people HOW to do it, and taking people under its wings in showing people how to get online and how to. It’s a joint venture. The partner gets 80% of all the cash flow which is mostly in US dollars.

We think it’s fun and profitable and is set to TURN peoples heads upside down, which is why we call it OptionB ewealth…. More to come here on our new site in JUNE 2009.


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