When people ask me what I do; I now get to share my passion rather than what I do for “single client” in a JOB.

As a slow learner, and somebody who battled the school system I was always told “you are different”. At the time this made me feel very small and set me apart from the other children in my class. Little did I know at that time that my learning difficulties would one day set me up to be different and enable me to see what others could not see. Over the past 20 years I have set my life up to discover and learn as much as I could on everything from spiritual, philosophy, quantum physics, marketing, technology, astronomy, theology, wellness & health, wealth creation, real estate and finance and mostly recently- everything I could find on inspiring and teaching people how to become iconoclastic thinkers……

My goal now is to coach two 747 loads of people who can then go forth and teach others how to get off the economic treadmills of the world. I believe that I can affect the world and how people do their personal journeys. Working for a single client under the guise of a job. I believe it why the banks sickness companies and bureaucrats celebrate and maintain control over the minds of so many. It’s when everyday people wake up to financial and spiritual intelligence the world will again start asking questions. This is something which we teach our children to ignore.

I have created the shewealth as a transformation program which inspires people to wakeup each day, to having a life where they don’t NEED to go 9-5 Monday thru Friday and can affect what is being taught to their children. It’s when I use my intuitive “heart head” rather than being stuck in my head that the world changes. You get to see opportunities from crisis rather than danger which the media spray us with each day. Just ask “myself” if I continue to THINK what I do, will I get a different result each day or the same. I ask myself everyday “Who can I be?” and “Why?” and “Why not?” to most of what I see and now lead the life they warned my about when I was at school. Life is very different for me each day with almost unlimited opportunities and the time to do what I feel like.

It’s having this sense of “wellbeing” which I feel wealth is all about and what I love to teach others.

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