The OptionB Method – How to follow your heart and go to heaven First Class!

OptionB is just another way of running the software that is used in seeing our world each day. OptionB is NOT better than OptionA it’s just another way and enables people anywhere across the globe to unplug from what we get told at school and by other people’s value systems. Amazingly simple, OptionB is a transformational unlearning system. You do not need anything except the ability to remember the power of imagination. People who use this software talk about having more vitality, improved relationships within themselves and others, the ability to create more wealth and get to see things they never dreamed were possible.

Chris Wakeford discovered this software by accident when dealing with his own self transformation and in dealing with his own learning difficulties he experienced at school and up until age 30 a few years ago. OptionB is NOT based on any dogmatic process of being right. The intuitive person (all of us) seem to embrace the technology quickly as it comes from innate intelligence we are have and have stored in the unconscious part of our “human technology”.





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