Option B method leads the way to Personal transformation

I teach people from day one that they will teach at least 10 other people everything Im about to teach that person.In others the ONLY exam is to be able to teach others what they learn from day one.

In other words any thing we teach you using the OPTION b method is FOR the direct benefits of others.You learn to teach others for empowerment not for a score card.We ask you to record all your learnings on your blog and share your feelings with the world each dayWe link all our blogs to shewealth.com which enable’s other people to grow and learn from your moments of glory and subsequent lessons.

OptionB method is based on doing the opposite to what you have been told and is presently NOT serving you.OptionB seeks to empower you to see things from another perspective.Option B also teach’s people to notice what they say each day.Its your intentions we say at option B which turn up on your plate each day.The should’s needs and “this is the way it is” which kills off creativity and relationships.So be careful what you say and how you think about people,as this sets up your sails each day.


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