The NEW OptionB learning technology I am starting to use in my life

For me learning was always a challenge as I always used to ask my self “why learn to pass exams.”This mindset resulted in a low score card and the self esteem of a drowned rat.The goods News is that I have now discovered how much I love to learn and learn new amazing things which I can transport out into the word which can then empower others.LOVE IT.Its kinda funny for me tonight to think how I LOVE to race home at night to ‘get at’ new chunks on things like new science- cellular biology and what I call world transformational growth.This is my word for how I can contribute and affect my world in learning as  much as I do. The challenge is NOW how can I get hold of lots more mammoth chunks and then get them out into the world where data can be applied into helping people authenticate their lives and the people they love?

Since asking myself that questionI have been creating what I all the optionB method transformation system.This system is based on “so how can I learn to learn to be able to teach this chunk of learning to at least 10 other people? I now see learning as my super gateway to the world via my super blog- where my blog becomes my messenger to the world.This is despite me being a hopeless writer and where I (desperately) need a super energised spell checker.In creating learning my outcome is to be able to teach others as my inspiration and motivation.If I can super learn imagine what others can do. Cx


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