So what is option B unlearning people are asking me

Imagine this-you have been trying to get fit for the past 3/5 years.You go to the gym when you feel like it.Its kinda Ok but you just don’t seem to have the inspiration to make out there in big way..that was 5 years ago and today you start to see the signs of excess.The bloated butt cheeks,the lardy looking tummy and the signs of…friends say you look ok as they look away. Feeling tired and days where blues seems to come and go,NO you are not that bubbly vibrant person you where in the old 35m pictures on facebook. Hey maybe this this is the mac truck coming my way?

Then one day you turn up at a exciting new human software company where they install new smart technology software called OptionB technology to people who want to be become transformed.This simply means opening your head to the sky, taking out your old hard drive brain and giving it a great wash in a bucket and then under running water before installing it back into your old new fresh hard drive with the old software removed.The new software called option B ‘its all about me’.Its called this as you get to see and experience how you feel all the time.Period.This process is called BrainWASH defragmentation(remove virus’s that have been downloaded by other people for the past 36 years all of your life).

Imagine now see the world in 3D which has been available all this time although the software had been kept under lock and key.A world where anything is possible if you imagine it first,then see it and then create it your self…This world is here today now right now and we can show you what you no longer have to fear as it comes from a special place.

The only catch is that you have to have a heart.Thats it.

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