I was stunned to find how scared I was of success which was based on being normal….

“Be the change you want to see in the world” — Mahatma Gandhi

Then I found a successful mentor who told me that he based 90% of his success on doing things back to front.I call this mind bending option as what I call Option B.this means doing the OPPOSITE to what well intentioned good people do…this contrarian strategy means if you go against what others are doing you WILL get opposite results that normal people get based on integrity.

“Be the change you want in the world” Gandi

One of the fundamental building blocks of success,
no matter what we are striving for in life, is having
a belief system. There is a science of how our identity
was created and how to reverse the negative programming
we have received our entire life. By discovering the
exact science of how belief systems are created, not
only will we be able to make radical shifts towards
success in our life, but we will understand how to
nurture growth in others. Einstein once said that
people often walk around a trance of disempowerment.

By shifting our beliefs and widening the scope of
reasoning we can prevent the negative trance that
Einstein was referring to.

“Within every human is a human spiritual intelligence
that is pure genius”

As humans we are born into this world without any
pre-existing knowledge about our universe. In order
to cope, adapt and survive, we make observations from
our surroundings and draw conclusions from it. Without
making observations and generalizations we cannot make
sense of our environment. From birth, formulating a
belief system is essential to our survival, and
perhaps even to our internal consciousness. Our belief
systems act like filters in the brain causing us to
see the world in a specific way. Our belief systems
edit our reality and therefore influence our actions.
Any experience in our life has no meaning attached to
it. People give it meaning according to their beliefs,
values, preoccupations, like and dislikes. The two
most obvious important factors that form our belief
system are those of our parents and early school years.

Parental conditioning: When you are born, you are born
with equality and the potential to achieve greatness
in your life. You have no preconceived ideas about
the world or how it functions. You have no filters
and anything is possible. As a survival mechanism,
we humans are genetically programmed to mimic or model
those around us. We are also vulnerable to external
influences and negative conditioning. As we grow
older we internalize from our parents regarding the
rules of life according to their model of the world.
We literally adopt their beliefs which in effect
filter our reality and our personal view and map
of the world.

Educational schooling conditioning: One common belief
that comes to mind when kids are attending school
is the notion that in order for them to obtain a
good job, they need to obtain good grades. We
all know these are ignorant views as many
multi-millionaires across the globe were either
high school dropouts or attended very little school.

Your beliefs will change as you will allow
yourself the luxury of critical thinking. Like
writing a movie script of your vision, you will
be involving all of your senses. You will
ascertain that the mind is an instrument for
poverty or prosperity. This transformation of
thought process will bypass your conscious
resistance and connect you to the deep


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