I Love Australia so much says Chris Wakeford wearing his NEW optionB hat

The great thing about Australia is that when Australians give great service ‘its like having a triple organism on toast’ says Chris Wakeford.”Yes Australians CAN DO service  very very well when they want to do it” chris says.Yes we do. The really good news is what I see these days is a smorgasbord and a plethora of sensational opportunities,right here at home in Australia.
This is since I learnt to UNLEARN what I have been told all my life  and have since changed hats from my old paradigm OptionA hat to my new optionB hat world as I call it.When I wear OptionA hat I see the world for what is I think ‘I need’ which means anger and frustration.Its means seeing things which need to be fixed and what are wrong.Wearing my new OptionB hat the world looks very different as the world looks, feels and is very different.OptionA people say crisis,however in Option B world I say its neatly disguised EXCITING opportunity…”Just give people what they want and love for wanting it I say.””OptionB is just a another way of being in the great life adventure” I say today. Cx
Thanks to MELISSA SINGER of the Sydney SMH on her article-

Are you being served?We’ve all done badly

July 15, 2010

Long-term view ... Cerrone jewellers sales assistant Niki Jackson helps a client with a necklace. "In a difficult time it comes back to what you have offered to your customers," says owner Nic Cerrone.Long-term view … Cerrone jewellers sales assistant Niki Jackson helps a client with a necklace. “In a difficult time it comes back to what you have offered to your customers,” says owner Nic Cerrone.

IT’S the sales assistant who doesn’t end her personal phone call when you walk into the store. Or the waiter who rolls his eyes when you ask too many questions about a dish.

Everyone has experienced poor customer service but a survey suggests Australia has a tougher time of it than other countries.

Of the 12 countries surveyed, Australia ranked equal last with Britain on measures of service satisfaction, behind the US, France, Canada and India.

In the Netherlands, 44 per cent of people felt companies were not doing anything extra to keep their business or were taking their business for granted. In Australia, that number was 81 per cent.

”The barometer clearly said customers want superior service and it’s certainly not being provided,” said Christine Wakefield, vice-president of American Express World Service Australia, which commissioned the survey.

”Australians have a laid-back attitude and this might be translating to some businesses having a similar attitude.”

Companies were more likely to reduce service during economic downturns but those that did missed an important revenue opportunity, she said. The survey found Australians were prepared to spend 8 per cent more in return for good customer service.

Brett Whitford, of the Customer Service Institute of Australia, said keeping customers was more cost-effective than attracting new ones in tough times. He said accountants often ignored the ”invisible cost of bad service”.

”They don’t track how many people walked in and walked out because there was no one there to serve them,” he said.

Society jeweller Nic Cerrone credits good customer service as one of the reasons for his cohort of third-generation customers.

His staff have regular service, ethics and product training. ”In a difficult time it comes back to what you have offered to your customers … from five or 10 years ago – and that’s when you benefit,” Mr Cerrone said.


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