Are ‘We are a nation of drug infested pollution eaters.?’

Environmental Bad Guys we are going to be a thing of the post industrial pollution revolution we feel.
Mercury-Pesticides-Nitrates-Hormones and Antibiotics in Food-Persistent Organic-Pollutants-Genetically Engineered Food-What has does modified food and what became known as the ‘inside toilet’ have in common? Well over 100 years ago back in the turn of the pre industrial revolution there were very few known ‘inside toilets’ or food pollution.In fact the scientists tell me that back in those way off days people had super pollution free organic food .Veggie fruit and fish came without additives and grown in organic rich soil.The food tasted ‘additive free’ according to people from that era and with little evidence of fat people.People used to have access to ‘sun food’ ;meaning food which was grown on sun light and deep rich dinosaur soil.

People these days have many more resources than ever and now live longer on what has become a nation of stress blown,low energy, obese supported by drug infested food.

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