Spiritual capital is about being in the heart in business life and in spirit we feel…

The Shewealth.com Foundation is driven by our passionate interest around improving our society and environment.

Our Foundation is based on a 5% model that dedicates:

  • 5% of company and employee time to Foundation projects
  • 5% of company equity to the Foundation
  • 5% of our products to non-profit groups

The Foundation’s outcomes are met in a number of ways, including:

Staff volunteering

Shewealther’s pledge 5 days days each year. Shewealthers have the freedom to choose how and where they want to use their volunteer time. Want to help raise funds for mico finance so people can contribute and learn how they can create business’s which raise them above poverty? Raise money for the make a wish foundation? Regenerate native Australian bushland? Work in a soup kitchen? Go on, get out there and create some change in the world.

Matched giving

shewwealth.com will match donations for up to 5C per buck sheweather’s pledged to the new foundation . This means that the foundation’s money goes to causes that inspire our spirits. Matched giving is done for fundraising drives, one-off gifts and other events

Free shewealth products and services

Shewealth provides our products for free to non-profit groups and organizations such schools,sick people and people who want to raise the consciousness of contribution…(we are open to new ideas here!)

So what exactly have shewealth.com been doing recently to improve our society and environment?
Check out a few of our recent Foundation Blog posts:


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