‘Rich debt Poor debt’ is a new remarkable system which looks at 2 options in ‘personal growth wealth creation’

Rich debt poor debt is really new exciting new ‘unlearning to learn’ transformational process for people who love personal growth, and are up for a exciting NEW challenge around getting ‘what you really want’ around wealth and the relationships you value.

RDPD new transformational technology platform teaches people to first unlearn to learn the things you don’t need and the many conditions other people have planted in your hardware.
This new technology gets to the route of the why so few people have been able to get at the solutions offered by the money people and their bleat that few will ever make it!

Its not whether you have money or what you do with you money of how much you have it more the way you have been programed and whether you focus on what you want,rather than what 95% of people who tell us they think about the “I don’t want the that’s.”

Rich debt poor debt is partly a personal potential process which enable you to look at your own internal behavior’s software as well the use of a very clever NEW cash flow system.World class Mortgage buster rich debt system is loaded with immediate money benefits,is brilliantly simple to use, and described by many as the missing link to getting the you’s and me’s off the wealth health and life treadmills.

The concept came about when looking at how we are taught to think in school.
There is the world many of us dream about which is based on the use of our imaginations and creative feeling.This world is based on what we want on giving us what we want in our hearts.The other world is based on what other people tell us is the way to think.
Its based on rules,fear and getting grades which will enable us to get high score cards and get the jobs the country needs people to take up.this world is the world based on needs.

These 2 opposite worlds are 2 great options are both valid however different.

Rich debt poor debt uses the OptionB unlearning to learn enable people to get what you need in terms of all the things you want.
OptionB meaning getting what you are not wanting not needing.


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