Perception and Vuya daze

Life Transforming Vuja Daze Strategies

Vuja daze is a word I use, based on d骠 vu, to describe new, extremely valuable experences and ideas I discuss in optionB ‘unlearning to learn to learn’.

These insights will focus on 3 transfomtional strategies for incorporating vuja daze into your life:

  1. Creative Destruction. Over the years, I’ve come realize an important distinction in openness, passive openness vs. active openness. Many people tell me they’re open to new ideas, but never are exposed to them. How many people actually take the lead for exposure to new ideas by seeking them out and creatively destroying old ones? Tom Peters, a bestselling author whose books I read, delivers speeches quite a bit. Although he could reuse the same speeches from year-to-year, he makes it a point to creatively destroy and reinvent at least 10% of his presentations.I feel every time I have  an opinion Im stuck with something that has come from my mind which is conditioned to protect,rather the heart which connects….
  2. Full Spectrum Dialogue. It is a habit for me to seek out knowledge that simply reaffirms what I already know. After all, it feels good to be right. However, doing this cuts off entire bodies of knowledge for me and limits my growth.
    • “I live in a world where people can always find what they’re looking for.” – In other words, I say to myself each day”chris be careful what you look for, you may find it.” The question is ‘Are you looking for truth or are you looking for something that simply fits in with your existing knowledge and beliefs?”
    • There is an old quote from a member of  an old Bob Hawke political campaign, “The problem with Paul Keating is that he doesn’t see things in black and white.” In other words, I say be careful when you draw lines in your life when you say something is absolutely true and decide that its veracity cannot be challenged. Many topics of debate simply do not have an absolute right or wrong, true or false answer. Understanding different vantage points can help you understand where others are coming from.I say Realize the complexity of knowledge and the dangers of simple answers.
  3. Paridigm Transformation and Extension. In my opinion, there are two different types of vuja daze that are very valuable:
    • Paradigm Transformation – Is the new experience or idea one you’ve never experienced or heard of with the potential to revolutionize your worldview! I always know I’m in this realm when I’m reading a book that introduces lots of new vocabulary. To me, each new word is amazing. At some point in history, an individual or group of individuals came to realize that they did not have a word to describe something meaningful they were experiencing or trying to understand. By coining the word, they improved the effectiveness of their thinking and communication. To reach the present day, culture had to find the word valuable enough to spread and ultimately accept.
    • Paradigm Extending – This is more of an evolution of your perception/worldview, rather than a revolution. Take politics for example. Paradigm extension would be if a liberal decided to sincerely explore and understand labour points of view. In contrast, paradigm transformation might be a political leader exploring the world of business.

    In the end, both paradigm transformation and extension can be extremely valuable. What can you read or who could you talk to today that would transform or evolve your worldview?


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