“Together we will put our hearts over our minds in the unification of our intuitive sense of purpose, in inspiring and supporting courage where ever there is fear.”

You and me have always known the truth ; as the truth comes from within our(s) very own authentic intuitive intelligence. Intuitive intelligence seeks to nourish and to serve our ( you and me) very existence in the interests of whom we become when we both connect, together in heart space.

She wealth is a exciting new interconnectedness network of people like you and me which believes in people energy.People energy increases when the believe again in the power of the heart.Imagine bringing relationships,business and spirit together in schools business and in relationships across the world.We do.

.Shewealth’s single purpose mission to inspire people in remembering when ‘the I in I wear my heart on our sleeve’ each day I get to affect the people and the world  I care about.

I do affect business,wellness and relationships when I am connected.I can affect the world I affect each day when I live from my heart which connects people;rather the mind which protects.

She wealth is based on a new yin based energy which brings people together in creating ideas which brings the daughters and sons in all of us into unison. She wealth teaches us to teach wealth health and prosperity to all from the heart which in turn manifests what we feel if it comes from the heart.

To manifest we again unlearn to learn to learn to,trust how we feel and feel what we say we do


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