OptionB unlearn to learn to learn-The truth in 200 words

You and I live on a tiny blue planet called earth where yes, there is a lot of earth.

This earth used to be pure sunlight earth,then around 200 years we human started shoving additives to what is the property of the earth’s earth.Theses additives are mostly poisons, however you and I are not able to say that in case you and I break the law and speak the truth,get taken to courts and get locked up by lawyers.If you and I say additives are making us sick from an explosion ¬†profitable cancers and fat people’s disease’s, you and me are also at risk of being taken away or fined big time.You and I; the people, who need the earth to survive are today not able to say what we think any more with out- the fear and trepidation of what we have been told we cant do.We have been warned to say silent as we are told in the conditioning schools….emmm.

OptionB is about waking people up in saying we the people can speak the truth if we band together as one.Fat,depressed conditioned (FDC) people disease is a trillion dollar condition which can be eliminated by 2020 like financial ignorance and legal creep.

More to come here…


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