So what in heavens is Personal Transformation?

Its funny I thought today to think that after 20 years of trying to figure out the meaning to of what I am here for,Im starting to think that I have been on  round trip,where Im coming back to where I started from all those years ago.The point is that in trying to discover why I feel like I do and why do I feel like I do I simply see things from 2 perspectives.The real challenge I feel is that transformation is NOT about being in the know rather its about the potential,where you get to see things from what you are being and from you ache for inside.When I first started on my journey I thought that transformation was about being right and having abilities which I could use to get my own way.Today I say that personal transformation is about being wrong and right at the same time and then having the ability to share my experience with others.Its like when I feel most vulnerable and present to people and I feel slightly intimidated within that my transformation becomes present.This is when my own insights overcome the needs to of my ego to be right and self actuating  my the source of my transformation becomes present.

I have spent my life running away from my weakness and now encourage my friends to become present to weakness as their greatest leverage in overcoming the need to cover weakness with self righteousness and being significant.In other words personal transformation feels to me that its NOT about being right,rather its about being allowing your self to be wrong and then trying the opposite and being able to share the outcome between how you felt on the quest for feelings which serve the heart of the matter.

The outcome feelings I now identify with personal transformation is feeling inspired with fee access to my intuitive experiences which can serve and connect me with the inner and often dormant feelings of the pre ‘think with your head’.This is the time when I was just a universal bundle of energy where the real me came from and will return to as I head back towards my star gate…..


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