Seminars seminars and learning stuff review Sept 2010

Its funny how much learning I have put myself through.I thought today I would try and recall some of the programs I have completed over the past 20 years.

  1. The oneness blessing giver weekend
  2. Learning to learn with Stephanie Burns back in the 1992
  3. Money and you which I have repeated twice and LOVE
  4. Landmark education forum (twice)
  5. Forum in action (twice)
  6. Landmark advanced course
  7. Landmark Cap 1 and 2
  8. Various landmark programs on relationships and money
  9. The turning point with Robert Meridith
  10. Tony Robbins UPW (5 times) (mind blowing)
  11. Dr Mike hall NLP program
  12. Chris Howard (NLP) weekend
  13. Peter Spann Money boot camp
  14. Kurek ashley ( 2 weekend seminars)
  15. Bob Bays NLP weekend
  16. Dr Rob Rawson (internet in a box)
  17. Sales congress
  18. Tom hopkins sales training
  19. The gifted communicator program
  20. Born Rich weekend with roy mc donald
  21. TFT tapping program
  22. Dr John Demartini-the break through experience and 1 other
  23. Busting losse from the money game with Robert Scheinfeld over 4 days
  24. Body mind success seminar
  25. Various wellness seminars.
  26. Tom Hopkins
  27. Brian Tracy
  28. Siimon reynolds and John McGrath weekend
  29. Rick Otton seminar
  30. Jay Abrahams
  31. The eMyth with Michael Gerber
  32. Deepak Chopra
  33. My seminars
  34. Technology
  35. Aviation seminars

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