Wellness education replaces score card industrial learning 2020. WIP project

Doctors are amongst the most compassionate people I have met whose focus and dedication make them special people.The medical training program however has been created by a trillion dollar marketing machine whose objective is towards a sickness culture mind

Lets consider humans since 1900 and what we have discovered since then

We are organisms,natural adaptive networks designed to adapt for changing conditions which come on our radars -yes we can rewrite our software which has allowed us to live in space-beneath the waves and in conditions of hostility peace and in pain or in pleasure.We can do just about anything and digest new information in a nanosecond.We humans are BORN to wonder,dream,star gaze,learn and explore our enviroments and what we feel.We are THINKING beings who in our first 6 years wire our main frames to survive and prosper and learn at least one language with little of NO tuition which will shape how we see OUR world.This learning feat is seldom Never repeated in life ever again.

This learning how all changes as we enter the industrial system schooling system..The great visionary mind philosopher (lucius) PLUTARCH said the mind was a fire to be sparked. NOT a vessel to be filled-yes ask the teachers of the tick tock IS system what they spend their time doing  and you see the fill and drill method of IL is alive and well as we scream towards 2020.

The industrial revolution tick tock IL system has changed little since the days when industrialists discovered they could make fortunes from the principles of standardization, centralised control

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