Rich time poor time is coming for you soon!

Rich time Poor time principles for people who went to a school….

Summer 2011
What is the difference with earned wage slave income and business work from any where income?
Earned wage slave income looks like this … Work – pay tax – spend what’s left over.
Business work from any where  income looks like this … Work – spend – pay tax. (pays tax last)
I use the game of monopoly as an analogy to express the example of what you can achieve in a real life situation and how anybody with a simple plan and intelligence can do the same.
In monopoly the object is to get 4 green houses then up-grade to a motel. In real life the game is to get 4 green houses to pay for your PPOR, principle place of residence.
In real life the people who win the money game are the ones who are “wise” with their money, and you do not need a degree to become a millionaire, in fact it is a common fact that most millionaires come from poor back grounds, more on that later.
90% of people work for “ wage slave money” then pay tax and spend what is left over, and there lies the problem, they are trying to get ahead on money that is left over after they pay tax, which is nearly impossible in many cases.
It is impossible to set budgets for people in this situation because if one card falls over the whole deck falls over. For that I am referring to interest rate rises, electricity costs, food, rates, school expenses, home improvements etc
If you run a successful business you on the other hand are in control, or if you have “passive income” you are also better positioned to handle the storms.
I know some of you are saying you need money to invest, before I go any further let me share with you 3 of my clients (I coach) purchasers in the last 30 days … 1, purchased a property in Southport QLD $180,000.00 rental $290.00 per week … 2, Purchased a property in Hornsby Sydney $189,000.00 rental $320.00 per week 3, Purchased a property in Woolloomooloo for $145,000.00 rental $260.00 per week.
My parents had no idea about money they just worked and fed the family. My father ran his own businesses but was never taught the financial side of running a business and suffered in that area. Every person I talk to, or at least 99% of the cases were never taught anything about “money wisdom” by their parents schools or gov money agents.
The reason why so many people are living day by day is because they have negative programs that one day will lead them to a retirement of poverty and misery. Most people have low vibration “thinking” like, its too hard, you need to be rich to invest, investing is risky, what about interest rates, you need a deposit, etc.
Most low energy thinking leads back to a poor financial education or understanding of the markets. If only my parents know what I know today their life could have been so much better. We all know the storey of the Italian green grocer who owns 20 properties and yet most struggle to get off first plate, why is that.
Most people have not been taught the difference between bad debt and good debt, the mortgage on your family home is “bad debt” because it is paid with “after tax” dollars and is non-tax deductible. If you imagine that the red hotel in monopoly is your family home and the 4 green houses are your “passive income” properties then the positive cash flow of the 4 green houses can be used to pay off the “bad debt” of your PPOR.
After the’ castle’ is paid off then you are replacing “earned income” with passive income and you can retire early.
If you have access to a team of experienced people helping and guiding you through easy education and finance structuring, can you see how you can turn your situation around and in a few short years you too can become the Italian green grocer, I just had a funny thought, Italian green grocer owns 4 green houses.
After 1971 the rules of the money game changed when the great architect of deception nixon without telling the people literally snug away the gold standard which underpinned the world economy,the US dollar. Since then inflation and printing cash has gone through the roof. Most bureaucrats, political puppets, and any body who went to a school  just do not understand what is going on, the only thing people know is that their money is not going as far as it used to.

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