Its time to get our time back and wake up

If you’ve ever been on a safari or studied animals in the wild, you’ve probably noticed that they have razor sharp instincts. For animals, sometimes their lives depend on their sense of awareness and instinct.

Whether it’s a deer in the forest or herd of wildebeest in the Serengeti, animals have a highly attuned sense of danger. They don’t know why, they don’t know from what, but they can feel it… something out there threatens them.

Their survival depends on how closely they listen to their instincts… and the actions that they take to prepare in the precious remaining moments before danger strikes.

I’m a strong believer in instincts.  Human beings have incredibly carnal, intuitive reactions which have been developed over millions of years of collective experience.  And though we are not wildebeest in the Serengeti, we too have a strong sense of awareness. We can feel danger.

We might not know when, or how, or who, but we know that something out there is threatening us. I feel it, and I’ll bet you feel it too. And, like animals, the actions that we choose to undertake in the precious time we have remaining may seal the difference between destruction, surviving, and prospering.

No one has a crystal ball, no one can say exactly what will happen, and exactly when it will happen… But I think, without a doubt, the world will look like a completely different place 10-years from now. I also think that the majority of these changes will take place much sooner than anyone thinks.

As we have been talking about for the past weeks, this Age of Turmoil is nothing to shy away from; rather, it is simply something to prepare for. Each of us is capable and powerful, and with the right state of mind, we can survive and thrive in this time.

The root of the word ‘crisis,’ for that matter, comes from the Greek ‘krisis,’ which refers to a critical decision. I believe we are at the time when each of us must make this critical decision. Our instincts are sensing danger, and we have to make the choice: take action, or stick our heads in the sand.


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