What in heavens is rich time poor time?

Many people ask me how in heavens do I get my time back every single day.

In fact people only ask me how do I get my time and seldom ask me about how do I get more money.Strange but very true.The reality is that most people have been conditioned to chase money and with little or NO mention on getting their time back.You see the system needs people to keep paying it first and then paying them self last, hence it resists change and unlearning what most people have been force fed.

Rich time poor time is a new way forward in doing the opposite to what the money people,school and the plethora of self governing departments would like us all to continue is the only option forward.OptionB is new way forward which teach’s people to go against what most people are conditioned to believe and to ask the questions which few ever ask.Most are afraid or feel stupid which is why people continue to tread the optionA treadmill method.


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