If you FOCUS on getting your time back guess what ?

If we want to get our time back, its time to model people that have their time back. We can focus on what we want and get focus results

Time free people are constantly asking themselves: What can I invest in, time wise and money wise? They seek out investments that will give them value and benefits. They tend to find people, opportunities and assets that give energy and time back to them. The universe sends them these things because that is what they are focusing on, and they have the time to find the best opportunities.  When offered opportunities, they ask themselves: What is the return, and how can I turn this into an investment. For instance, by going to a business conference or function while on a holiday, we can claim the expenses on tax, and thus get a return on it. This is an example of a rich expense. They turn a liability into an opportunity or investment.

It all depends on where your focus is, as well as the words you use. Time free people use time free language. Omit words and phrases that suggest a lack of time, such as: Hurry up, quickly, so much to do, time flies. Replace them with words like: Take your time, relax, pace yourself, etc.

It doesn’t matter how old you are now, or how much money you have right now. If you want to change your circumstances, you need to change your focus and your language. Walt Jones made a fortune when he was over 100 years of age! Few time-free people have money rather they have time-free focus.

Time free focus is having a plan which can be used to convince others to share the resources at a percentage basis. When you have free time, the opportunities appear. Time free focus means having a plan which can get your time back. Time free people focus on this outcome. Time free people values their time. They realise time is all we have! We all have the same amount of time every day, yet the people that really value every minute tend to do so much more with it.

When we are not time free, we queue up for the bus and sell our time for what we think it is worth. We should be selling what we do for people rather than the time we give. When our pay depends on how much time we spend working, we can be sure we will be working long hours. Our pay should be based on the value of our service.

Time free people are continuously thankful for being able to be time free. Being thankful brings more positivity such as more opportunities, money and resources.

The work of Stanley Thomas and William Danko in the Millionaire Next Door, show that most time free people are ordinary people like you and me. When you stop NEEDING time and detach, all of a sudden it shows up. The irony is, once you are time free you can finally follow your passion, and get away from the Monday to Friday time consuming cycle. Time free people get to focus on what they love, which is the best thing about being time free.

Time free people don’t chase money, they chase getting their time back. Big distinction. They don’t focus on money (or lack thereof). If they did this, they might just save their money or work more to get more. This does not give them their time back. With every decision, we must ask ourselves, will this give me more time? And not: Will this give me more money? Time free means doing the least for the maximum creation of resources.

Ironically, most time free people aim to become unemployed. This does not mean they will do nothing significant with their time. They can use their time to engage with the people in their lives, develop their relationships, contribute to a charity in some way, follow their interests and passions, develop themselves physically and spiritually, etc.

This new way of thinking will take practice. Gladwell (author of Blink) said ‘Practice is the key to Love’.

Green School

Conventional schools can be torture for some children. They do whatever they can to avoid it.

John Hardy ran away from school to eventually create ‘The Green School”. A holistic school that is made from sustainable resources. The classrooms have no walls, teachers write on bamboo boards, the desks are not square. They practice whole-ism, to develop the whole person. If we all have a more holistic education, we will have more choices. We have to teach the kids that the world is not indestructible, so that they will take better care of it. They use windshields with paper behind them in replace of white boards. People in Bali are building green houses around the green school. They use volcanic stones instead of pavement. All the fences are made of plants. They use a cow instead of a lawn mower. Children learn to garden and grow their own organic food. Green school is a place of pioneers. The students are from 25 different countries. There are currently 160 students.

You learn the usual subjects as well as bamboo building and practice ancient Balinese arts. Lots of volunteers work there. The volunteers and teachers are committed to making a new generation of global green leaders. All kids are thriving. They grow their own bamboo to build their buildings.

This is doable in our community. We just have to follow these schools: Be local, let the environment lead, think about how your grandchildren might build.

If you are interested in helping green school or building another one, go to: greenschool.org

Video describing the school:

Inspiring Speech

Here is a speech I found very inspiring. It is about finding peace and happiness. This man teaches a meditation technique called Vipassna which he refers to. It is designed to help a person go inside, discover themselves, and find more happiness and peace.

S.N. Goenka Speech at a conference with Spiritual World Leaders.

Friends, Leaders of the human spiritual world, Leaders of the human religious world, we thank the organisers that such a wonderful occasion is here where we all can unite and serve humanity. Religion is religion only when it unites. Religion is no more religion when it divides. Religion is not for dividing people, it is for uniting people. So much has been said about conversion: for conversion and against conversion. I am for conversion: not from one organised religion to another organised religion, but conversion from misery to happiness. Conversion from bondage to liberation. Conversion from cruelty to compassion. That is the conversion needed today, and that is what this organisation should make a point to implement. Our country has not only given message of peace and harmony to the world, to the humanity. Imagine a method on how to give peace, how to give harmony. To me, to get peace in the human society, we cannot forget the individuals. If there is not peace in the mind of the individual, I can’t understand how there can be real peace in the world. If by having an educated mind, if my mind is all the time full of anger, animosity, hatred, how can I give peace to the world? Because I have no peace myself, I am an educated person. The enlightened persons have said: first have peace within yourself. So one has to observe if there really peace in me or not. All the saints have advised: Know thyself. Not merely at the intellectual or emotional level, but at the actual level. When you start experiencing the truth about yourself, within yourself, at the actual level, many of the problems get solved. You start understanding the universal law, which is applicable to one and all. when I start observing within myself and I find that I am generating anger, hatred and animosity, I realise I am the first victim of my anger, hatred and animosity that I generate within myself. Then only I start harming others. This is law of nature. If I observe in myself I find, as soon as I generated any negativity in the mind, there are lots of physical reactions. My body starts burning, palpitation, tension. I am a miserable person. I don’t keep this misery to myself, I direct it onto others. I make the atmosphere around me so tense, that anybody that comes in contact with me becomes miserable. And I talk of peace, I talk of happiness, keep on talking about peace and happiness. What is happening to me is more important to me than anything else. Law of nature. If I am free from these negativities, mind is pure and again aw of nature is working. When I observe in myself that there is no negativity in the mind, and look the nature or the God almighty has started rewarding me. I feel so peaceful. That is when I generate negativity, I observe I become so miserable. So anyone belonging to this religion or that religion, this tradition or that tradition, this country or that country, when one breaks the law of nature and generates negativity in the mind, they are bound to suffer. Nature starts punishing this person. Hell fire within. When starts feeding this, this is the seed of suffering. If I keep my mind pure, full of love, full of compassion: I enjoy the kingdom of heaven within myself. And this seed of kingdom of heaven, will bring nothing but the fruit of the kingdom of heaven after that. Whether I call myself a muslim, or a hindu, or a Christian makes no difference. Human being is human being, human mind is human mind. Conversion from the impurity of the mind, to purity of mind. How people have changed. Such wonderful changes come. No miracle or magic, its a pure science. How mind impresses the body, how body impresses the body. If you keep on observing, you understand the law of nature so clearly. When I generate negativity, I start suffering. When I free myself from negativity, I enjoy peace and harmony. This can be practiced by one and all. A wonderful technique given by the enlightened one, can help us achieve this, which is practised today. People from all over the world, all different religions come to practice this. They get the same benefit, they become peaceful people full of love and compassion. Good for themselves, good for others. When I have peace in my mind, the entire atmosphere around me becomes peaceful. Anybody who comes in contact with me starts enjoying peace. This is the conversion that is necessary, nothing else.

A message from my ancient country, a message from the great emperor: One should not honour only one’s religion and condemn other religions. An important message for the world today. You keep condemning others, you keep saying mine is the best, you are creating difficulties for human beings. Instead one should honour all religions, for various reasons. Every religion has got this code, the code of love and compassion. Don’t quarrel about the outer shell: the different beliefs or rituals. But remember the importance of the inner essence. By so doing, one helps one’s own religion to grow, and also renders service to the religions of others. In acting otherwise, one digs the grave of one’s own religion, and harms other religions as well. The message says, someone who honours his own religion and condemns other religions may do so thinking: I will glorify my religion. But his actions endure his own religion more gravely. Let all listen to the message. Let all listen to the doctrines of other religions. Let all honour the essence of other religions, and then there will be peace and harmony.

Afraid of Silence

Whenever I tell people I am going on a meditation retreat where I will not speak for 9 days they freak out and say that they could never do it. They could never stay silent, or not use the phone, tv or computer. They could never switch off and be with their own thoughts and feelings.

We are so used to our distractions. Whenever we have a spare moment we relax in front of the tv, read book, listen to music or go on the internet and facebook. Not that these things are bad, but we rely on them too much so that we don’t have to face our thoughts and feelings in the silence. Very few people take time out to meditate or just listen to the sounds of nature. We don’t have time to be still and look inside ourselves because there are too many distractions on the outside.

Its time for me to look inside and not be afraid of what I find.

New teaching for a new society

As a teacher I do my best to get my students to be curious about what they are learning and to ask questions. I praise students when they try, even if they are not always right. Students may be able to question and be wrong during a discussion, but to pass a subject (or graduate high school or University) they have to be right about at least most of what they are being assessed on and they cannot ask questions during an exam or assessment. Thus, we create a society of adults who are trained to accept what they have been told by teachers, government, officials, bid industries etc., and live in fear about being wrong because wrong means failure. What if the system changed from training students to memorise the content, and became about training students to be curious, be creative, take initiative, and question what they are being taught. When learning a subject like History, rather than learning to regurgitate facts and dates, students should be assessed on their ability to use their understanding of history to build a creative and unique argument. I remember when studying English, to get good marks on an essay that analysed a poem I basically had to agree with the teacher’s opinions of what the poem meant. But if we change our focus on creativity instead of being right or wrong, students should get marks by interpreting a poem or piece of literature in their own unique way. By doing this we are building confidence in our students and creating more opportunities for them to succeed. They are learning to listen to other people’s opinions in class and then think for themselves. Thus, we will create a society of people who think for themselves and are more confident.

Teaching and Learning

Why Blog?

  1. Because most people don’t.
  2. Our brains re-wire ourselves when we teach other people.
  3. When we write things so everyone can see, we are trying to make the content interesting so others can understand it and find it worth reading.
  4. To teach others what we are learning.
  5. It forces us to learn the topics well, because we know we have to teach it to others. We are often told to learn so much, but not taught why we should learn it. When we blog, we have to make it clear why what we are sharing is important.
  6. Blogging is about serving other people.

Teachers today are in a system where they have to teach as much as they can in a short time. So they don’t have time to discuss the reasons. Also, neither teacher nor student are choosing the topics they must learn. Both are just forced to follow an over crammed syllabus.

Our brains are made so that when new information or situations come along, we can rewire ourselves in a nanosecond. Yet most of us don’t think about anything. We were born to wonder and learn and imagine. Yet the current school system doesn’t allow us to do this. We are forced to learn topics we do not choose at a pace that is too fast. The learning methodologies have not changed. If students had to blog on what they learnt in a day, they would probably learn more by reflecting and structuring their thoughts. Information doesn’t create progress, action does. If we rewire the way we learn, we can have a profound effect on the way we move forward.

Wealth – Wellness – Relationships

We must first integrate our learning modalities, and change the way we learn to change our results.

Wealth creation isn’t about what we do with our money, its about how you manage your resources that can serve other people. Google, facebook hasn’t been created from traditional school methods. Yet they do serve others, which is why they are so successful.

We can recreate a model where year 12 people are year 6. Make a copy of the School Video from the Ringing Cedars. The Green School in Bali is similar to this: Delivering a generation of people that are responsible for taking the world to a more sustainable future.

To find real solutions to things, we need to be able to use our imagination. We need to learn to use the right side of the brain, rather than the left side all together. We need to become more creative. The school system is not teaching about financial intelligence, social skills and relationship skills, and very little about wellness. It’s about creating employees, not self-sufficient whole people. It creates people that can support the system rather than create it. To preserve our society rather than move it forward. Our school system is holding our society back. It is holding us back from our potential. There is so much wealth in our hearts and minds, but we don’t talk about it. We have so much potential. If we want to create a richer, healthier and more sustainable society, we need to create it in our minds first. But people are not aware of this. We are not taught this in the mainstream.

We shouldn’t be afraid to ask questions, and to challenge each other. School stifles this.


Where does a plan come from? Why do it? To make sure we have goals, growth and contribution. To make sure we can reach what we want. To become authentic about who we are, where we are going, and what we need to get over.  To get over our limiting beliefs, so we can achieve what we really want. 1-3% of people really have a plan. Imagine if we were able to teach kids how to plan what they want to achieve. The more intricate and impressive the goal is, the more we need to plan. One of the best ways to learn this is to find some mentors. This is the best way to get ahead, is to find someone that is already doing what you want. We should model other successful people, and then people will model us. You can go online to find people that are great planners on facebook, youtube, coaches etc. Or you can talk to people you would never normally talk to. Talk to people who have learnt to do what you want to achieve at a very young age.

I should start reading Chris’s Blog. There is a recent article about Nikki Durkin, an entrepreneur who has started 3 businesses (99 dresses). Her first business at age 15. She has a mentor. You could ask Nikki about her planning process, or do an interview, to learn about planning and creating a business. The first lesson she learnt was her ability to focus to on the one thing she wanted to achieve, so she could do it really well. When we focus on what we do want, and create a plan. How can I set up my assets, so I don’t have to work again. Our level of intention will get us what we want. If our goal/plan is too small, we will not achieve much. E.g. how do I get one investment property rather than How do I get 3 investment properties in the next 2 years. Ask the questions that scare others. We also need to be able to read balance sheets, which most people can’t. If we have one that we update every 90 days, we can see where we are going, and are able to react when a great opportunity comes up.

Homework: How to write the ultimate plan that is so impressive, that we can get 10 people to believe in and want to teach 10 other people. Through planning, we can see our goals clearer and with more detail. We can feel more confident that we will achieve our goals.

Most people don’t want to be like their parents. Don’t write the plan that your parents or anyone else wants, write the right one for you. One that makes sense to you and that you believe in. The people around us help create our value systems, so we need to be really clear about who we are and what we want without other people’s influences. This is not always easy. In the secret, what we put out there is what we get back. Who we are is expressed by our authentic conversation with the universe.

Homework: In our blog this week: We need to be really clear about what we want. If we keep it secret, we won’t get it. We need to put our wants out there. People are afraid to admit what they want, because they are worried that they won’t get it. We often put things off, and say we will plan to do something once we get something else happens first.

When we are passionate about what we teach, we will be inspiring, be more likely to achieve what we want through a greater energy and focus, and be more effective teachers.

How to write a plan, what it is, where it comes from, how to do it. Write plans as if you are going to teach 10 other people. In each Blog, write down your objective as if we can empower at least 10 other people. Write it as if we are about to go out and teach it. Can even write about frustrations.


Next blog on Values: what re they, where do they come from, when you know what your values are – where did they come from. May be from someone else, so not really your own. A limitation in relationships is not knowing what a value is, where it has come from, where it is stored in the unconscious mind. In a relationship there needs to be value alignment, or you won’t have integrity. This is true for business and career. If your values aren’t aligned with what you are doing, who you are with, you will lose integrity and satisfaction. There are people running very old software program, e.g. people in business who say that they don’t do sales. They are saying they don’t like selling themselves, even though they are selling. They have had a negative sales experience. Once we remove the blockage, they realise its not such a bad thing, and they replace their old value with a new one. They have blocked their accessibility to be true to themselves. People say: I don’t want to be rich, I want to be happy. This usually means, they don’t want to rip people off or let people down or become the black sheep. Their perception of rich, is stopping them from getting it. This may because of other people in their life, like a dad who worked all the time. Clarity about values and where they come from, helps them find their real values that are truly aligned with who they are. This is why 5-10% of people know what they want, because they have sorted out their values. Ask people have you thought about what you really want, they usually tell you what they need or what they don’t want. It seems greedy to focus and what we want.  We are told to go to school, get a job, pay everyone else, and get what we need. Rather than get assets and get what we want. We need to do the opposite. Hard to get started if we don’t know what we want. Very few people are focused on what they want, we don’t do much focus on this area. When we focus on what we want according to our real values, will align people, and help them get the cash flow, so they can get what they really want. Rather than focus on what people tell you should be doing, focus on what people aren’t telling you, on what you what. The universe always conspires to make you do the opposite of what people should be doing.

Option B focuses on finding out why people say and do what they do, and getting out what they really want. Spend more time looking at the values system alignment process – getting you or your team or your partner aligned to your project or mission. Dr John Dimartini has done a lot of work on this. http://www.drdemartini.com/content/id/522 This is a critical piece of the jigsaw puzzle. Your value system connects you to your drive and ability to bust through resistance so you can follow your heart. If you plan for the worst scenario, you will achieve your goal. When we don’t do this, any challenge will make us give up. Schooling system is based on getting you to do something everyone else wants you to do. Wealth creation is about focusing on what you want, not on what others think you should want. There needs to be a good reason that is aligned with your values to do anything, like build your cashflow.

Next Blog: Value systems:

What it is, discover where it came from, how you can replace someone else’s value systems you have adopted with your own mission statement. The only difference between a silver and gold medal is about 1/2a milli second. Therefore you need total focus. If you get what you want and you don’t want it anymore, that’s ok, as long as you know it what you wanted and not someone else. We are trying to come up with a process, that helps people overcome 15 years of schooling following other people’s rules, values and perceptions, so we can get to the heart of our own values, what’s really important to us. We find it hard to quit our job because we have been programmed to never quit jobs. Make sure you are doing what you really want, and not what you have been programmed to do. Employed, self-employed, business owners and investors: Investors and Big business owners think about the world. First we must believe we can think like an investor before we can become one.

Thursday night is wellness night. What part does wellness play in how to get off the treadmill. What is option B wellness, what does it mean, what is the difference between sickness and wellness, why are we more focused on sickness, wellness is from the flow of energy. Wealth – a sense of wellbeing. We will start working on wellness. Then we will work on relationships. Relationships are crucial to get property, we need to make deals, negotiate and communicate. We don’t learn how to negotiate at school. At school we learn to be right. 6 human needs by maslow’s hierarchy of human needs: certainty, variety, growth, significance, contribution, connection. Negotiation skills and relationships are important in gaining significance and connection. If we live in our heads we are trapped in pretention mode, and don’t get to our hearts. When we look at where our behaviours come from we can change it. There is good behaviour and bad behaviour, based on what you want and what works or doesn’t work for you.  There is no right or wrong.

Wealth Triangle and Blogging

Wealth Triangle: money – wellness – relationships.

The idea is to help clients in all these areas and not just one.

The game of money is about Cashflow that you control that gives you your time back. Not how much money you have or make.


  1. Where are you today?
  2. What has gotten you here (values)?
  3. Where do you want to go?
  4. In what time period?
  5. What processes do we need to use to get there.

First we need to change our thinking and belief systems. We need to play the game of cashflow so that it serves our wants. Focus on what we want (not what we think we need). If we think we need something, we worry about losing it. Our needs are already met.

The outcome of these sessions is about me crafting some trial documents through my Blog. Blogging is the gateway to the world. The more you Blog the more people read it. If you put something out to the universe you become accountable, and miracles start happening. Everything that I learn from Chris and Audrey, I should put in the Blog. In so doing, we get clarity on what we doing. Option B is about doing the opposite of what we have always done, to get different results. All I learn should go into a Blog. In this way I am also teaching others that read. Whatever we learn we should teach 10 other people.

Program to transform my life with respect to: Cashflow, Wellness and Relationships. We have to go back to the route of the cause of what we want to achieve. Why focus on money when we have no energy, or we don’t know what we want. Be clear about what we want and why we are doing things. Why are you in the relationship, why do you do what you do?

If someone has no money, and doesn’t like people with money we need to clear these issues before we get to teaching about money.

Look at what most people do, what we could do and what the difference is.

Why do people have financial psychosis? People don’t know what job factor is. What is your ability to sustain a reasonable standard of living is if they lose their job. Most people can’t sustain their lifestyle.

Algorithm for Rich Debt Poor Debt, to get someone into a position where they can sustain a good standard of living without a job or personal excursion for at least 1000 days. Instead of working we need to Generate cash flow through investments (passive cashflow).

Blogging rewires your brain because we get our fears and goals out into the universe. Clears blocks. Write down our fears because it clears it. We need to learn to manage the relationship between love and fear.

Option B is not about getting it right. What is right for one person may not be right for another. It is about going with our feelings and what works for us.

Option B Coaching Ideas

Coaching people to get clear about their relationships, wealth, realising they are like Teach people to see wellness relationships and money to work together. This is Option B – transforming your life. Option A is doing the same old stuff with more strategies – focusing on one area.

For the program: Charge $250 session, 10 session pack for $2000. We design a program individually for the client according their needs.

People insure their car but not their income. Most people survive only a month without their income.

Our programming is based on: ‘People will forget what you said, people will forget what you did, but people will never forget how you made them feel.’

Transformation Teaching: Need to teach people to use the information immediately to really understand and apply it.

Wealth Centre Deals with: Financial, Wellness and Relationship Transformation. People want to follow their dreams, not work 9 – 5, spend times with their loved ones. We have been taught to focus on what we are told we need rather than what we want.

Want to work with people on a neuro-cognitive level, to look at what they’ve been conditioned to do, then help them focus on and understand what they want, find strategies and actually apply them to change their behaviour and get what they really want. Do they really want what they think they really want?

White-out effect: taking people away from their clouded horizons so they have total clarity and can see what they want. When they do the opposite of what they have been doing, they will get different results. Get rid of their negative beliefs and fear of change so they can change. Move away from the power of the mind. The mind protects them, and prevents change. What we learn to move out of our mind and into the heart by breaking through the white wash effect, we find the heart connects us to ourselves and to other people, and we attract what we really want. Our mind can talk us out of anything.

The program is to make the mind and heart congruent and to learn new behaviour patterns which are based on giving people the learning to get their lives back.

We need to be continuously working towards goals. Evidence of this, is in seeing how quickly people pass on after retirement.

Our process is in spending time in people’s software, helping them become more conscious of the behaviour they put out each day, and noticing the difference between the behaviour they put out and the results they are getting. Then thinking about how they can change the behaviour to get the results they want.  We think that a lot of money makes us rich, but it depends how we behave with it. What behaviour do we need to participate in to get the results we want?

What we achieve is not just about our credentials but the way we think and see the world and the way we behave.

What we know about money: we all have strong perceptions of money from parents and schools etc, people find themselves in a dilemma between their inherited values about money and their feelings about money. Most people feel guilty about money, we can use processes to make people more aware about what they’ve been told compared to what they feel. It is hard to be successful if we feel guilty about making money.

Once we clear the software we can move from Option A to Option B Strategies. Option B is about getting a different perspective and trying new strategies.

We could use 70% on reprogramming, 30% on strategies.

This is better than using a normal financial planner that just invests people’s money into the stock market which can go up and down. People have no control, and blame others when it fails. This program gives people their power back by changing their behaviour, and looking at their patterns that are holding them back. This is the cone of learning. Option B teaches people the information so people can identify with it and use it to teach others, which helps them understand it better. The focus is on keeping things really simple and staying in tune with what you want.

During a one to one consultation, we spend an hour talking about behaviour and the way they think, teaching them to dig out what it is that they want to focus on rather than what they are being told they need. We encourage people that over the next 3 years, they spend 3 years working on their spirituality, wealth, wellness, relationships, by doing the opposite of what they have already done to get off the treadmill. It takes 888 days to transform, from where they were to where they want to be. So that if you stop working you could survive for a minimum of 3 years.

Step 1: 8 days, Step 2: 88 days (commitment), Step 3: 888 days (completion of a commitment). Depends how far they want to take it. This comes from the idea of an 8 day week to break the patterns. 8888 days is about teaching ourselves and then our kids and their kids. Each new generation learns. People are far more motivated by love and contribution than by their own bank accounts. Yet we are just trying to keep up with what we are told we need.

The better questions we ask the better answers and solutions we get.

Initial consultation is free. Then we recommend they go do a seminar: transformation seminar not necessarily one of ours, or they can buy some products from us (finance, real estate etc.), get a cash flow coach (life coach) since world creation is about giving a person cash flow so they can do what they want without working for someone else. The life coaches will be taught how to be a cash flow coach. They will give people a behaviour pattern that will help all aspects of their lives. The coaches can generate other incomes by assisting their clients with other services they couldn’t otherwise provide.

World Class Property Seminar

World class property was created by some passionate property experts who believe that property can be learnt as a means to get you time back. The purpose of this program is to give you your time back, create ongoing cashflow and the option is to teach others as you learn. They help you do this by helping you buy and sell property to reach your goals and in becoming independent.

Option A – Off the plan

Option B – Hybrid Property

–          Higher returns than option A.

Option C – Deck Chair Developer

–          Doing your own development. Build the team around you.

The goal is to create $1 billion worth of profits for members by 2020. They team build the strategy around your wants and needs. It’s important to be clear on what you are looking for. Research on possible buyers for your property is very important. If you are not prepared to take action, you will not get the results.

There are many aspects a buyer should look at, and yet they don’t. E.g. slope of land, value of land, bushfire potential etc. The property coach will make sure the client looks at all these aspects to check if it a profitable property. They will also ask you why you want the property? E.g. when do you want to make a profit, and by how much? How much money do you want to invest? Many good properties to buy are not actually on the market. We need to find the property we want and create the deal. Can use door knocking, cold calls, private sales, internet, etc. Most people rely on what is on the market, and don’t realise they can create a deal where there wasn’t one before. This is a good example of doing the opposite of what we have been told. For a development site, you must check on the Council rules and work with them. You should focus on developing an area close to where you live so you can keep an eye on it and be there quickly if there are any issues. It is good to invest in and develop property. Using a feasibility study, they can check that the property will give you the profit you require. It generally takes 6 months plus the build time to do a knock down rebuild. These are generally very profitable. Doing all this is only a part time job. Once you understand the process and make steady profits, you will not need to keep your day job. You do not need a lot of money to get started investing and developing property but it will help. It’s possible to use your superannuation fund. Most people can buy a property using their super but it  don’t realise it! It’s a great wealth creation tool. You just need the right people to setup. The taxes are very low in your super and the benefits are great. Even people with $20,000 can start to invest with the right help. The question is: are you ready to get started?

Renovations – You must think about: why you want to, is council required, how to do them profitably. In some places, renovation almost guarantees profit. Try to do them as quickly as possible, don’t keep adding new ideas or it won’t be as profitable. Must ask yourself, if you do this extra bit, will people pay more for it? If yes, do it, if no, don’t! Buy 10-20% below the median of the local properties, and then sell 10-20% above.

Completely new homes are very sought after. Which is why a Knock Down Rebuild is such a good idea, rather than a renovation. If you want a big Capital Growth, it will require more time for the value of the property to go up. It’s better to just sell quickly, get your profit and move on, so you can invest in something else even more valuable and profitable. When putting in the details, you must think about what is going to sell.

It’s important to have leverage. Real estate will give you more leverage than any other investment vehicle. By doing investment in real estate, we can create a passive cashflow through rent and profits on sales, not be reliant on our full time jobs to pay for our lifestyle, and thus get our time back!

To set up a self managed super fund you need $3900. Then you can buy using your super fund. Your superfund has heaps of leverage and low tax. Using your super fund you can buy and hold a property. For people that don’t have much money and newbies to buying property, it’s still possible to invest. You can hold a property with very little money or using your superfund.

People buying their first home, need to think about why they want it, before we can work out what and where to buy. Each solution is tailored for each client. This is why we need these experts to find the right property for our needs. One size does not fit all!

No matter what age you are there is always an excuse not to invest. It is never convenient to start investing. We will always need money for our day to day needs. The important thing is by investing some money now you can get huge profits in the future. If you don’t take action now you will regret it in the future and wonder what might have been.

This is something I definitely want to pursue in the future. The cost of living in Sydney will only become more expensive. I think it is unrealistic to rely on my salary to provide for my future family. I don’t want to live my life worrying about money. We must take these opportunities to generate additional cashflow to our salary that will hopefully replace our income.

A big realisation for me is that we can use our superannuation to invest and make more money. Our super just sits there doing nothing, but we can actually make it work for us. We think we shouldn’t touch it until retirement. However, these days, most people have to work for a very long time because their superannuation is not enough to live on. Therefore, we are better off using it now and making money from it.

To get someone from Property and Plan Assist to bid in an Auction for you, it costs $880. This will often mean a much cheaper price on the property.

Why do this? Turn Dreams into reality, Use real estate as a vehicle to achieve your goals, live balanced and abundant lives.


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