Lighthouse Focus

To get what you want you must focus on it.  In think and grow rich it says: Once you know what you want, DECIDE to do whatever you can to get it, continuously FOCUS on it, and be DETERMINED to achieve your goal no matter what.  In Happier Than God by Neale Donald Walsh it says: When you seek to manifest something, don’t just think about it, but feel it. Feel what it would be like to experience it. Feeling is the way we identify and magnify the energy we wish to experience more of, by resonating with it.

It is not enough to focus on what you want occasionally, you must do it every day. Then we can be responsible for the outcome. We can’t spend our time worrying about what other people think. We are here to live our own lives, achieve our own goals, and learn our own life lessons. This does not mean you should live selfishly and not care how it affects others. A great way to manifest what you want is to give it to other people. e.g. If you want to manifest more love in your life, give love to someone else, and you will attract it to yourself. We should always make sure our desires only help people, and not hurt people or any living being. If we worry too much about what others think, we will never be able to live our own life and achieve what is really important to us. We will be living someone else’s life instead. As Mahatma Gandhi said: “First they ignore you, then they laugh at you , then they fight you, then you win.” New ideas and ways of living may not be accepted at first, but that does not mean they will never be accepted. We have to stay determined to live in a way that resonates with ourselves.

Using our energy in this way to attract what we want is actually working with GOD which is in ourselves. In this way we become one with GOD. We are using our emotional and spiritual intelligence. Living through our feelings and using our spirituality to get what we want.

Sometimes to get what we want we have to go against the crowd, do things that make ourselves or others feel uncomfortable, or do things in the opposite way that we have been doing to achieve a new better result. We shouldn’t be afraid to do these things. We should see them as ways of growing emotionally and spiritually. To help us do this, we should make a plan for ourselves that can keep us on course when times get tough. When you break something down into smaller pieces or steps, it seems more achievable. To do this, it is very helpful to get a tough inspiring coach, who we don’t know, to be our light house when we need them. The light house guides you and reminds you to stay focused, make decisions, to be aware, and to connect with your heart. As we can see your heart connects you with what you want, because it connects you with other people and the energy you want to create. If we are too much in our mind, we are not living as our authentic self. The mind protects, the heart connects. The key is to create a plan to do something in a new and exciting way, so that we can do what we want. In this way we can follow our Life Purpose, our passion.



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