Haneef compensation ‘about $1m to be’ made by tax payers as bumbling Australian bureaucrats fuck up again

December 22, 2010 – SMH
Moving back to Australia ... Indian doctor Mohamed Haneef, who was wrongly accused of terrorism in 2007.
Mohamed Haneef … wrongly accused of terrorism in 2007. 

Mohamed Haneef has reportedly been awarded about $1 million in compensation after he was wrongly detained on terrorism related charges in 2007.

Charges against the Indian born doctor were later dropped as prosecutors admitted bungling the case, and an independent inquiry cleared Dr Haneef of any wrongdoing.

Yesterday, Dr Haneef was awarded a substantial but confidential amount of compensation following negotiations with the federal government.

Now it has been reported by the Times of India that amount could be as much as $1 million.

Kevin Andrews, the immigration minister at the time, said last night he had been advised defamation action against him had been dropped.

He added that he had made no apology, nor had any compensation been paid in relation to the action.

Today, Dr Haneef’s lawyer, Rod Hodgson, declined to comment on Indian media reports that the settlement was about $1 million, the ABC reported.

Mr Hodgson would only say the settlement was ”substantial” and Dr Haneef was ”delighted” with the deal.


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