Fight at home bureaucrats are now funded by we the people…to holiday!

Paid leave for public servants

THE state government is to announce today that public servants will be given extra paid leave if they are victims of domestic violence.

The move implicitly concedes the importance of public sector unions in shoring up political support in next month’s election.

Last month the Herald reported that the government had delayed responding to a demand first made by the Public Service Association in May that public servants who are victims of domestic violence be given an extra 20 days’ paid leave a year.

Additionally, the association wanted protection preventing bosses from sacking or suspending an employee if their attendance or work suffered because of domestic violence, with human resources staff to be trained in domestic violence issues.

In today’s announcement the the state government will say it has agreed to give public servants an additional five days’ annual leave related specifically to domestic violence, while agreeing that other leave such as sick leave, carers leave and family and community services leave can be accessed when responding to domestic violence.

Victims might also be able to have access to flexible working arrangements during this period, the government said.

”The Premier has recognised the need to assist those suffering from domestic violence,” Steve Turner, assistant secretary of the Public Service Association said.

”Most sufferers of domestic violence end up losing their job because they can’t get enough time off work to organise new living arrangements.”

The government will also outline today $2.9 million in annual grants to community groups providing support programs in this field.

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