“A sense of wellbeing is what people MOST seek yet most resist- as you cant feel like money”

Thought is pure 100% energy and within,around and shared.Thought  has created the light inspirations and the dark problems pain bodies which surround us. Our brains are trained, educated, conditioned to what ever the sense inputs where, are and will be.

Time is not a constant in energy transformation which is WHY its so difficult to unlearn to learn rationally as the ego ravishes its dependance on self worth.

Thought conditioning has created the problems, like division between nationalities, thought has created the division and therefore the conflict between various economic structures, thought has created, invented various religions and divided them and therefore there is conflict. And the brain is trained to solve these conflicts which thought has created. I wonder if you see all this. Can I go on? Can I understand this problem together? And unless we deeply understand the Nature of our thinking, the Nature of our reactions, which is part of our thinking; and thought dominates our time. Whatever we do, whatever action takes place, thought is behind that action. Every activity, whether it is sensual activity, or intellectual activity or merely biological, physical activity, thought is operating all the time. Biologically through centuries it has been programmed, conditioned – the body acts in its own way, breathes, but the brain which has evolved through millennia upon millennia, that has been programmed to a certain pattern, which is obvious.

If you are branded Catholic, or a Hindu, or a Buddhist, whatever it is, you first hear it,then recite it and then you become your own brand of energy.

Chris Wakeford 2016 Change maker Game changer disruptor.


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