If Chris Wakeford can do it so can any body who can read,do sums and LOVES to add value…

Almost five million Australian jobs-around 40% of the workforce – face the high probability of being replaced by technology leading towards and beyond 2020.
This fast moving trend represents both opportunity or threat to people depending on how you prepare your self for what is disruption,change and time.
The 9-5 ‘no 9-5 job safe phenomenon is today shaping the new tech based economies within the US,UK and Canada and many other places globally.This is a new time where jobs will become mobile,flexible and very much online where it will be possible to work on 2/3 unrelated different contract projects at any one time where people can pick and choose like at no other time.

Im taking on the 9-5 problem,’opportunity’ I predict clearly an entire new industry in taking on the 9-5 problem.In solving this problem it means offering a clear solution for which there is presently no industry game changer.
Thats why I created TimeFREE which is for the tens of thousands of like minded people seeking to get control of their time,time and wellness.I call these people micropreneaurs which is anyone with a smart phone device connection and a home based office co share linkage support system.

Chris Wakeford is a self confessed Change maker disruptor who loves to add his unconventional touch of his developing Social entrepreneur inspired vision, towards helping others… harness their personal abilities to in being humanitarian game changer’s where anybody is able to add value and help restore what is a time like NO other. Where people CAN get over the 9-5 wage slave system pay bills first and then save leftovers in what is system which is out of puff.

Over 2 decades CHRIS has invested much time and resources within the Finance,technology and innovation marketing games.
“My formative years after what was a difficult school time were in financial property, marketing and micro technology start up spaces.
Having always loved the small micro space I could immediately see that my lack of school prowess was in fact a clear advantage in being able to see out of the box and in setting course in solving problems.I call that the gamechanger disruption advantage.This is when you get your time back and become TimeFREE.

TimeFREE is where you have the time where the relationships shows up,the money starts to channel its self and opportunities abound each and every day.
This is the it’s that time.It’s Time.

Love time and being present time.
I love the pursuit of the human spirit and potential which I believe is the basis of TimeFREE wealth where relationships becomes the primary resource over just money.
With vibrant energy,a 1 thing purpose conviction and a clear exit strategy anybody today can grow and prosper.
Business personal and spiritual relationships become the glue, and a daily quest of time FREE people in the pursuit of being a timeFREE micropreneur.

Networking,technology,philosophy,Fitness, wellness,travel,flying,cooking & wine appreciation all help me in what is a business which I live and breath each day.

Chris is an ambassador for the Kiva.org which is a foundation based close to silicon valley on the west coast of the US.Kiva is a leading micro-finance fund raising charity which supports inspires and helps create small micro loans for capital challenged and what chris describes as mini micropreneaurs seeking to trade poverty time with independence time.
The shewealth group supports the kiva project was founded on the inspiration of supporting single mum’s and dad’s fast tracking their way forward in being independent .In ‘single hood child rearing’ in what is busy distracted world collaboration is the key tool and solution for breaking the No time cycle.
Shewealth’s supports the kiva program as a collaboration of like minded people who value time, contribution and the spirit of network.

Lastly and most importantly this time…..

“If your busy chasing 2 rabbits you will never catch either one.Thats 1 thing certain.100%.

Giving is, I’m certain,is the foundation of the start up micropreneur seeking to exit the 9-5 treadmill looking for the 1 thing secret.
At first I ‘think’ I’m doing it for ourselves, as in ourselves personally. But then comes a TIME where I get, that ourselves actually means ‘us’ — us as in the human eco system family.”


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