What we MUST learn from Silicon Valley in creating a sister Silicon Island ‘non state’ PLACE.

“I think we’re getting better than we used to be but we’ve got to be better again. Of the things that all went together to make Silicon Valley, it was the mindset which says, “YES I can do this”.
Open learning education, great universities actually being engaged, incubating, having doors open and ideas flowing,”.
“One of the big problems within the present ‘EGOnomy’ is we’ve got numerous smart people in universities and they invent really cool stuff, but the IP rarely morphs through to the business and entrepreneur community. There’s not the exchange between that community and the universities about what’s next. Red ninnie tape and fear are holding us all back.Thats a fact.
“There are numerous structural things that we need to give up and get over our addiction to small minded paperwork and red tape. We MUST collaborate development between universities and entrepreneurs that helped create Silicon Valley.
“And then it’s a culture among entrepreneurs themselves, but the very fact you do this, that you bring people together, is part of that change.”
Its that time…


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