It’s the best of Time

In this book I’ll tell you some of the ways I did it, and I’ll show you how easy it is due to the fact that most people are chronically lazy and about as bright as a the clowns who run council meetings. What you won’t get are vapid ideas made popular by self-help gurus who seem to delight in clogging your Facebook stream with pop-psychology bullshit that they grabbed off a free e-card site. Let’s get something straight. In order to move forward in life, you must clearly understand that every interaction with other people is about a transference of power. You’re either giving it or getting it and most people have been conned into give it, give it, give it. Some morons will tell you that that’s how success is supposed to work. You’ve probably heard the famous Zig Ziglar quote… “In order to get what you want in life, you just have to help enough other people get what they want.” I love you Zig, but I reckon you left a bit out… “In order to get what you want in life, you just have to help enough other people get what they want – and charge for the time you took off yourself in ‘giving’ it to them ” Zig aint giving his books and seminars away free! Make sense? If you’re not charging  and leveraging your time, you’re just taking it in the ass in life and after a while it doesn’t feel good. It’s time to value your charge and currency is a great way to transfer appreciation.Period.
Hear what I just said and read it over and over again.I hope you get a lot of charge inside.If you do you will hear what Im saying.Please dont agree with me.Just hear the charge and feel what comes up from the inside downloads.
You see what the universe says to all living creatures living on purpose this time is it his.Solve problems that give people what they WANT, correlated to the value you place on YOUR time.If you dont understand that please ask me and I will share that with you one on one.
Its a game changer like NO OTHER…..What value do you install on your time?
Again in other words solve problems for people which can ONLY be leveraged, scaled and converted into continuous streams of charge which are valued and appreciated by the living.Period.
So many of the living drift along and get fucked over and over and over because they simply don’t and won’t understand the very basics of wealth accumulation.Wealth being a sense of well being-Charge your create from energy.(Please write this down and and discuss with the mirror today.Really try and get to terms with the face in the mirror)
Progress lives in you putting yourself into situations where the other party has the power (let’s say it’s cash) and then you transfer that power to yourself through skill. If you don’t first and foremost recognize that the power has to be present and it’s your job to get it, then you’ll just drift through a neutral, time wasting life TIME. You’ll start and maintain pointless relationships. You’ll attend pointless meetings. You’ll waste valuable time on proposals and plans for people who can do nothing to advance you because they don’t have the power or money that you need to advance your life TIME (yes – you do need their charge like money). Or you play at a very small level because you don’t have the balls to start playing something of real value. Remember, we’re all heading to ‘death time’ so wouldn’t now be a good time to stop fucking around with your life time? Although they will never admit it, ‘loser actors’ love this time wasting jerk-fest of pitching to the powerless because it’s easy and they’re always interested. What’s hard is finding a person who has little to gain from you but who has the power to change your life. Hunt those ‘appreciative fuckers’ down and develop the balls and the skill to really do business with them and you’ll be on the fast-track to a better life. It’s all about one advance after the other. Up and up and up. Just think “Gold Digger” and you’re on the right track.Honestly why the fuck.NOT?
Why else are you reading a NO hole’s barred book on truth about success in creating real value through charge-Money change and resources are all  building blocks after all? Own that shit! The bottom line is that most people are moving sideways in life (at best) because they are simply not conscious or present in their own lives. They enter every professional engagement completely unarmed and ready to assume the position at the slightest sign of power from the other side. “Oh you want me to submit a proposal? Yes sir! How many pages would you like that to be and by when?” “Oh you want me to drive an hour to see you? Yes sir! What time should I come? Any day is fine by me.” “Oh you want to fuck me over by wasting my time even when you have neither the money or intention to buy right now? That’s fine, I don’t mind. I know I have to be of service to others.” Can anyone say “bitch”? Sadly, many of life’s bitches (people in charge and our fiction story characters) suppress a truth that they know deep down which is that they could be much more if only they could: • Let go of some losers that are taking way too much of their time. • Leave a job that is going nowhere and downsize for a while in the change over period (OMG! What will people think?!) • Overcome their fear of starting that thing they have been dreaming of. • Sell up and make that move. • Learn to say no. • Audition for that part. • Make that website. • Hire someone to build that app. • Truly believe in the value of their own time. • Start to believe that others could learn from them, moving the power from being the taker to the potential giver (for a fee). If you’re sick to the bones of always being the ass-kissing, shit-eating beggar that keeps getting rejected, screwed-over or told “no”, then change it! Do it right now by simply understanding this one basic concept… In order to move forward in life economically, you need to be putting yourself on the right side of the financial energy exchange or put another way – stop getting fucked over which is abandoning your ship limited life time.

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